Give Your Staff a Platform They Know with Google Apps

employeeOne of the biggest problems faced when hiring new employees is teaching them how to use proprietary computer systems. While some company applications should be custom built to meet business needs, other things such as email can be done with programs that new employees most likely will already be familiar with.

Running, securing, and maintaining an enterprise email server can be time-consuming and expensive. Some employees may not be familiar with corporate email systems, and also may have difficulty connecting their phone to their corporate email account or logging in from outside of work. If your company values communication, it should be easy for employees to communicate via corporate email.

Almost everyone has a Gmail account and is familiar with the Gmail interface. Whether someone is an iPhone or Android user, adding a Gmail account is very simple and typically only requires one-step. Imagine being able to take the simplicity and ease of use of Gmail and be able to use Gmail in your business, with your own business email addresses.

Google Apps allows you to take the speed, storage space, security, and ease of use of Gmail and many other Google applications and combine them with your business domain. Let Google take care of all the work involved in maintaining an email server, and enjoy the satisfaction your new employees are going to have when they see that your email program is something they most likely already use.

$5Google Apps for Work comes at a very low cost – as low as $5 per user per month. There is also¬†google apps for work promo code available for the US and Canada Regions! When you think about the cost of building an email server and maintaining it, this is extremely affordable. Annual plans are also available to save you money. You also won’t need an expert to maintain your Google Apps email accounts. Google Apps for Work includes an easy to use admin panel where you can easily add users, delete users, reset user passwords, and access setup instructions for employees that may need it. Should you encounter a problem with your Google Apps email service, you’ll have access to cutting edge support from Google. This shouldn’t be a problem though, since Google’s servers have 99.9% uptime. If your business either doesn’t have its own email or you’re looking to get it, consider Google Apps for Work.